Car Services At Marshams – Maidstone

What Car Services We Offer at Marsham’s

At Marshams, our fully trained mechanics are able to deal with a wide range of car services including:

  • Air conditioning service
  • Catalytic Converter services
  • Exhaust services
  • Cam Belt Services
  • MOT Testing
  • Brakes Repairs and Replacements
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Tyre Services
  • Brake Pad Replacement

Our skilled vehicle technicians have been factory trained by Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, and Renault. They are able to give a quality service at excellent value. We will be pleased to quote for your next scheduled car service or any alternate maintenance work. Contact our reception desk now on 01622 699 975 or drop into our convenient location of 88-90 Upper Stone Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6HD.

Car Services in Maidstone

Air Conditioning Services

It is widely recommended that you get the air conditioning system in your car serviced every two years. This is to ensure that the refrigerant is regularly refilled. A full refrigerant will improve your car’s fuel efficiency and minimise the risk of more extreme damage to your air conditioning system.

There are a few signs which indicate that you may need to book in for an air conditioning service. The most common one is that your air con is blowing out hot air. This usually means that you have little or no refrigerant and it needs to be refilled. However, if you only recently had an air conditioning service, then there may be further issues, such as a leak in the pipes. Another common issue is that the air conditioning is producing a foul odour when turned on. In this case, we will give the system a deep clean to rid of any bacteria build up. It is important to get this done as soon as you notice the smell because if it is left too long then the molecules of mould could be entering the cabin of your car and when inhaled this can cause respiratory problems.

Book an appointment now either online or call our reception on 01622 699 975

Catalytic Converter Services

At Marshams we offer emissions tests and catalytic converter repairs by our professional vehicle technicians. All cars made after 1993 are legally required to be fitted with catalytic converters. This is because they reduce the amount of CO2 gas emitted from a car’s exhaust pipe. There are a few signs to look out for which indicate that there is a problem with your catalytic converter, such as:

  • Check engine light comes on
  • Car fails its emissions test
  • Fuel efficiency suddenly drops
  • Your car doesn’t accelerate when you press down on the gas pedal
  • Your car refuses to start

If you notice any of these issues then we recommend booking yourself in for a service at Marshams, Maidstone immediately.

An emissions test is a required part of the MOT and your vehicle will not pass its MOT test if the emissions are too high. To measure emissions, one of our technicians will attach a detector to the end of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe which will be connected to a computer via a cable. When the engine is switched on and run between 2500 rpm and 3000 rpm, the computer produces a printout of the level of emissions. Emissions can also be tested as part of a roadside check. If it fails then you will be given a prohibition notice and 10 days to fix the problems. If you do not act on it then you will likely be prosecuted.

There are several reasons why your vehicle might fail an emissions test so we definitely recommend you check with us before replacing the catalytic converter manually. The fault could be with O2 sensors, damage to the engine, or a faulty control system. If you have recently failed an emissions test then contact Marsham’s now are our technicians will fix the problem as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Exhaust Services

The exhaust system is the most exposed part of your car so has to endure a range of weather conditions as well as any knocks and bumps. Therefore, it is no surprise that it will fail from time to time. It is usually recommended that you check your exhaust for physical damage every 10,000 miles or once a year depending which one comes first. Some symptoms which suggest that your exhaust may need repairing are:

  • Excessive smoke coming out of it
  • Noticing a louder engine noise when driving
  • A knocking/rattling sound
  • Visible holes
  • Low hanging or dragging pipe

A damaged exhaust not only makes driving more uncomfortable, it can also raise your CO2 emissions and noise levels to higher than the legal requirement. Therefore, it is in your own interests to carry out regular checks and get any problems fixed quickly. The vehicle technicians at Marshams have changed thousands of exhausts and have all the expert knowledge to advise you on which system is best for you. Contact us now on 01622 699 975.

Cam Belt Services

The Cambelt, also known as the timing belt, is one of the most crucial bits of kit in your engine. It regulates the way your engine works by synchronising the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft, as well as ensuring the correct combustion in the engine. Failure can cause serious mechanical damage which will come at a hefty price. Therefore it is important to follow your manufacturer’s advice as to how often to get your cambelt changed. It can usually range from between every 40,000 miles to 100,000 miles, or every 4 years to every 6 years depending on which comes first. There are no signs of a damaged cambelt until it is too late as it is deeply embedded in the engine. Therefore, the manufacturer’s guidelines should be taken as a minimum to ensure no unnecessary damage is done.

Replacing the cambelt is a complex operation. By entrusting your vehicle to Marshams, you can be confident the work is completed to the highest standard by our fully qualified vehicle technicians. Contact us now to book in for your cambelt service.

MOT Testing

MOT testing stands for Ministry of Transport test. It is an annual test of your vehicle’s roadworthiness and safety. It is very important that you get your car an MOT certificate once per year as it is a legal requirement on all cars over 3 years old.  During the MOT test, the vehicle technicians will inspect the: vehicle number, registration plate, lights, steering and suspension, wipers and washer bottle, windscreen, horn, seatbelts, seats, fuel system, emissions, bodywork, doors, mirrors, wheels and tyres, and brakes.

At Marshams we can save you money if you combine your MOT and car service together. We also offer MOT test cover that can pay up to £500 (inc VAT) of repairs on all covered items. If your vehicle fails its MOT and we are able to repair your car ourselves at the test centre, there will be no retest fee. If your vehicle is removed from the test centre and returned to us within 10 working days, the cost for the retest is £15.

At Marshams our vehicle technicians have years of experience and have passed thousands of cars. Contact us now for a quick, convenient and friendly MOT service.

Brakes Repairs and Replacements

It is important that brakes are regularly checked to ensure that they are operating correctly and safely. A functioning braking system is made up of a number of components which all need to be working for there to be a healthy braking system. Parts can often fail if they are used for a long time without any maintenance. You may notice that your stopping distance gradually increases as the brake pads gradually wear away. Therefore, it is very important that checks are frequent. There are a few signs that your brakes might be failing, including:

  • Worn down brake pads
  • Strange sounds such as a high pitch squeal
  • Pulling to one side
  • Vibrations
  • Temperamental pedal – sometimes doesn’t start to brake until pushed all the way down, or could also be too sensitive.

If you notice any of these signs then you should book in for a service immediately to ensure your own and other road users safety.

If you would like us to check your brakes/braking system, we will be happy to do this free of charge.

Clutch Replacement

Your clutch is an important part of your vehicle; it allows you to change gear and come to a complete stop by separating the engine from the wheels when engaged. It is made up of a clutch plate, pressure plate, and a flywheel. A clutch is likely to wear out somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles depending on make and model. The clutch is also highly affected by stop-and-go city driving, frequent pulling of heavy loads, and “riding the clutch.”

There are are some signs which may suggest that there is a problem with the clutch in your vehicle. These include: if your car starts slowly by high revs, if it is difficult to get in reverse or shift gears, it makes unusual noises, the clutch pedal pulsates, the pedal is hard to push, or, contrastingly, the pedal may feel loose.

At Marshams, we are specialists in the diagnosis of clutch problems and would be happy to check your clutch free of charge. So if you notice any of the symptoms above, or simply want your clutch checked by our vehicle technicians, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tyre Services

Tyres are the only contact that your vehicle has with the road so keeping them in good condition is essential for your safety. Steering and braking both rely heavily on tyres. This is why it is a legal requirement that all tyres on the road have a tread depth of 1.6mm. If your car’s tyres are below, you can be prosecuted by the police or it could invalidate your car insurance.

At Marshams are experts can replace, fit, or repair your tyres. Call us now for a convenient and friendly service.

Why Choose Us?

Our business is made up of a team of friendly professionals who have lots of experience. You can be assured that our service level and customer satisfaction is of the highest quality. Marshams offers services at excellent value for money. If you don’t believe us, we will be happy to give you a free quote. We are located in a convenient location in Maidstone and offer a quick and easy service. So, to avoid any hassle or excessive costs, contact Marshams now on 01622 699 975

Car Service Maidstone

Car Cleaning Guide

Car Cleaning Guide

Keeping your car in its’ best condition should be one of your top priorities. Not only just mechanically but aesthetically. Your car is legally required to adhere to a list of safety and performance regulations, from the number of harmful gases emitted from the exhaust to whether or not all the lights on the vehicle work fully. Whereas, the appearance of your vehicle is up to you to look after and grade yourself. Here at Marsham Cars, we understand that you may find it hard to find the time to look after the aesthetics of your car; both inside and out. This is why we have created a handy guide on car cleaning along with some helpful tips so that you are able to take pride in your vehicle’s appearance once again.

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Top 7 Car Issues

Top 7 Car Issues

Keeping your car on the road can be not only difficult and time-consuming, but expensive too. Modern cars now have many different parts that only specialists are able to completely repair or replace using special equipment and tools. We understand that things do break unexpectedly to even the most avid of car owners. This is why we have collated for you a list of our Top 7 Car Issues that we have seen come through our garage doors so that you know what to look out for to prevent you having a breakdown.

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How to Pass Your MOT First Time!

MOT Maidstone

It’s that dreaded time of the year again. A nervous and sometimes expensive time, it is the event we most dread each year. No, it’s not your mother’s Birthday or a trip to the dentist…It’s your car’s MOT.

We now rely on our vehicle’s more than ever to get us to and from work, to do the weekly shop, visit relatives and many other tasks. This means that our vehicles are having to perform more miles than ever which can have a toll on their condition, making them less reliable and sometimes more likely to break down on us. With general wear and tear comes expensive garage bills and more anxiety when your MOT comes round. However, in this blog, we give you the best tips to checking your vehicle before sending it in for its MOT and what are the common failures so that you can be sure that your pass your MOT first time!

MOT Maidstone

Pre-MOT Checks and Common Failures

You should, as a responsible car owner, be performing regular checks of your vehicle. These are only minor checks but some can mean that your car fails it’s MOT. These are the checks you should be doing and our tips on how to undertake them


Your vehicle has 8 sets of lights:

  • Headlights – 2 bulbs at the front of your car
  • Sidelights – 2 blubs at the front of your car
  • Tail lights – 2 bulbs at the rear of your car
  • Brake lights – 3 lights at the rear of your car
  • Number plate lights – 1 or 2 lights around your rear number plate
  • Interior lights – multiple on the inside of your car
  • Hazard lights (aka indicators) – 2 at the front, 2 on the side or wing mirrors and 2 at the rear of your vehicle
  • Fog lights – 1 or 2 at the rear of your vehicle

You should check all of the above lights every week as having a broken light can be dangerous and illegal, on top of being an MOT failure. Luckily, changing a car’s light is relatively easy and cheap to perform so you shouldn’t be left with a large repair bill if you do spot an issue with your lights.

To check your headlights, number plate lights, tail lights, hazard lights and sidelights are working, you should be parked up in a safe area such as a driveway or car park and switch your lights on. You can then walk around your vehicle to inspect each light, starting with only sidelights turned on, then dipped and finally full beam. You can then test your hazard lights by switching off your lights and pressing your hazard button. Having another walk around your vehicle to check each individual hazard light will confirm whether or not they are working correctly.

To check your brake lights, it is a similar method to your headlights but it might be worth having someone with you so that you are able to have them walk around your vehicle to inspect your brake lights and let you know if they work or not.

One thing to note is that your number plate and the encasing lights must be clean to allow the lights to shine as fully as possible. A dirty number plate or dirty light encasings can cause your car to fail it’s MOT.

Wheels and Tyres

Another regular check you should do is of your tyres and wheels. Worn tyres cause a huge number of car accidents every year and should be checked regularly to prevent these. The basic check of your tyres is to use a 20p coin to measure the amount of tread that your tyre still has. The legal minimum is 1.6mm around the whole tyre surface so you should check the tread along the width and at each quarter of the tyre to ensure that your tread is legal around the entire tyre. However, to be certain, we recommend taking your vehicle to your local car garage to be properly inspected.

If you do notice that your tyres are wearing quicker in some places, this can mean that there is a deeper problem with your vehicles, such as broken or worn suspension or incorrect tracking. You can check your wheel alignment or tracking by setting your steering wheel straight and seeing whether or not your wheels are also straight. If you notice your wheels are at a slight angle, then your wheel alignment is out and should be looked at by a garage. They can quickly and easily do this for you. What’s more is that they shouldn’t charge you an arm and a leg for it either!


Keeping your vision clear and your view of the road as good as possible is a high priority. This is why you should check for any chips or cracks on your windscreen, especially within the driver’s view. If you notice any cracks or chips, you should get them repaired as they can spread and become larger if you hit a pothole or turn your heaters up high in colder weather. However, where your MOT is concerned, a chip or crack larger than 10mm in the driver’s view and 40mm anywhere else on the car windscreen will cause your car to fail, and anything smaller may be an advisory but will still make your car pass.

You must also make sure that your windscreen wipers actually clean your windscreen properly. They shouldn’t leave any streaks or marks and should remove all the water or dirt from the driver’s view. Similarly, if your wiper rubber has any holes or tears, this can be an automatic MOT failure.

To test this at home, you can use your windscreen wash, which if it is empty can cause an MOT failure, and your windscreen wipers should automatically come on and clear your windscreen. Giving your wiper rubber a wipe with a wet cloth can remove any debris or dirt from them that may be deterring their full cleaning ability.


Your brakes are a vital part of your car. You have multiple brakes (handbrake and foot brake) which must be in impeccable condition to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Your handbrake should be able to hold the weight of your car on a steep slope without it rolling backwards. If it doesn’t, even when you have pulled your handbrake lever completely up, you will need it either tightened or replaced.

To test the condition of your regular foot brakes, there are multiple ways. If you notice squeaking or loud knocking noises when you apply pressure to the brakes, it could mean that you are low on brake fluid which can be checked and refilled under the bonnet. Similarly, it could mean that your brakes are worn and require replacing. If you also notice juddering or shaking when you apply pressure to the brakes, this can mean work or warped brakes that need replacing. These are obvious warning signs. More subtle ones are if your stopping distance increases, especially so if you are braking from a high speed.

Seat Belts and Seats

Your seat belts and seats are crucial for upholding the safety of you and your passengers whilst they are travelling in your vehicle. A correctly working seatbelt should lock when met with a strong and abrupt force from emergency braking or crashing. They should also lock into place correctly and not release unless the button is pressed. Any frayed or damaged seat belts and the previously mentioned issues will result in your vehicle failing its MOT due to it being a danger. Similarly, the seats within your vehicle should all be directly anchored into place and not move around when travelling. Back seats should be able to lock into an upright position if they are able to be folded down for extra boot room. Sometimes, the solution to a chair that cannot be readjusted or folded back into an upright position is oil. A small drop of lubricant or oil can loosen the joint and allow the seat to move once again when required.

If your vehicle’s MOT is approaching and you are worried about the outcome of it, go through the above points to check each part of your vehicle. These are common areas that vehicles often fail their MOT on so now you can avoid these by checking them beforehand. Similarly, we recommend bringing your vehicle into a trusted and fully qualified car garage such as Marshams in Kent, who has almost 20 years experience in repairing and maintaining vehicles, plus undertaking MOTs on a wide variety of different vehicles. Their team of car mechanics are able to perform regular services so that you can be extra certain that your car will pass it’s next MOT so that you don’t have to worry! To learn more about their services, please call Marshams on 01622 200100 and one of their highly experienced team will be able to advise you on any work that you may think your vehicle requires.

Car Repairs Maidstone

Importance of Maintenance – Car Repairs in Maidstone Discussed by Marshams Cars

Car Repairs MaidstoneWith a surprisingly large number of motorists not prioritising the maintenance of their vehicles, the risks of not carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicle can be costly. Performing regular maintenance checks as well as arranging for vehicle servicing is a great way to ensure that your car is working correctly and that there are no nasty expensive surprises when your car suddenly breaks down. A car breakdown can be a highly stressful and potentially avoided by taking care of your vehicle. Marshams Cars have offered car repairs in Maidstone and car servicing for many years. We have seen a wide variety of issues with cars when they have been repaired or serviced and have a few tips on how to avoid some of these issues by maintaining and looking after your vehicle. If you do have any concerns about the health of your vehicle then it’s highly recommended to contact our team to arrange for a service or repair. If you are looking for an expert car service in Maidstone or car repairs in Maidstone then contact Marshams Cars today or telephone our team now on: 01622 200100.

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Car Body Repair Maidstone

Car Body Repair Maidstone – Provided By Marshams

Cars can be delicate possessions at the best of times since they can get damaged very easily. Whether it was your fault or someone else’s, an unsightly scratch on the side of your car is not pleasant for anyone as it taints the finish and ages the vehicle significantly on an aesthetic level. Something worse could be a dent in the bodywork of your car, which is even harder to repair since the metal of the vehicle panel has been damaged in a way that it wasn’t meant to, which damages the structure of the panel rather than just the finish. These are all things that drivers will encounter, and as much as you can try and do it yourself, what can we do when we need something more reliable, professional and efficient? Well if you are looking for Car Body Repair Maidstone then Marshams is the best provider for you.

Car Body Repair MaidstoneIf you are looking for Car Body Repair Maidstone, then Marshams can help you. The team at Marshams are professionals in bodywork, car refinishing & dent and scratch repair so any cosmetic damage you might have can be quickly repaired or replaced by the team at Marshams. Call us on 01622 200100 to speak with an advisor today.

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MOT Maidstone

MOT Maidstone – Marshams Cars

Marshams is a local garage, working in the Maidstone area. Since 1999 we have become one of the leading garages for providing MOT and services in the surrounding area. We provide a range of car products and services and have sold thousands of cars to our loyal customer base. Our service levels on these cars are done to the highest standard, and we can provide that same standard of work to your car. We understand how important it is to have a highly functioning car and therefore combined the sales of cars and the servicing of them to create an all-around service. If you’re looking for an MOT Maidstone service, then Marshams can help you!

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Car Service Maidstone

Car Servicing Maidstone

Looking for a Car Service Maidstone? Marshams has been providing excellent car servicing options for those in Maidstone and surrounding areas since 1999. No matter what sort of vehicle you drive, car servicing is important for all.  Getting your car serviced regularly allows you to be more confident when you drive your car and provides a good record for the future.

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Car Repair Near Me Maidstone

Best Car Repair Near Me Maidstone

Below is a list of the range of car repair and garage services we offer in Maidstone:

Car MOT’s- Car Repair Near Me Maidstone

An MOT is a check conducted to make sure your car is safe to drive and is in a fit condition to be driven on the road and lasts for a year. The test is overseen by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (formally VOSA), which is controlled by the government to set the standards that the MOT adheres to. Driving without an MOT is breaking the law.  Furthermore, without it, you won’t have the capacity to continue your insurance plan, which is an obvious requirement throughout the UK.

If you are seeking a place to get your vehicle MOTed or serviced or for car repair ‘near me’ Maidstone, Kent then you needn’t look any further than Marshams. Visit our website on MOT in Maidstone or contact our technicians on 01622 200100 to find out more about our MOT services.

Car servicing- Car Repair Near Me Maidstone

If you are looking to get your car serviced but aren’t sure of where to go then Marshams can provide you with the very best service in the Maidstone area. We provide an inclusive and extensive motor vehicle service at a reasonable cost. We do our utmost to be the most reliable and trustworthy car servicing providers. Some garages are only able to do specific things, like car tyres or bodywork and the like. Choosing a general car garage is the perfect alternative as they are essentially the most prone to do complete motor vehicle maintenance. We use special diagnostic apparatus to be able to service your vehicle to a manufacturer standard level, so regardless of whether your oil requires changing, or you want a new engine filtration system, Marshams can make use of this equipment to be certain the car is in top condition before leaving the mechanics.

When deciding on which garage to take your vehicle the garages reputation can have an impact on whether you choose them or go for an alternative. Marshams are extremely proud to boast that we are part of the Good Garage Scheme, which demonstrates the standard work and customer care we provide. Moreover, it means we have to adhere to a strict code of conduct and are subject to audits that evaluate the quality of the tasks we carry out, thus we will always be striving to provide the highest quality of service we can. Marshams also has resounding feedback on Google, Yell and Autotrader which means you know a trustworthy garage is accommodating you any time you arrange a vehicle service.

Car Repair Near Me MaidstoneCar Braking Systems- Car Repair Near Me Maidstone

Can you remember the last time you had your vehicle braking mechanism tested? How can you tell if your car braking systems require a repair service or replacement part? Marshams explains all.

If you would like one of our experienced technicians to examine your braking systems contact Marshams. We stock the majority of parts needed for repair or replacement. If we do not have them in stock then we can usually source them within an hour. If you have brake issues and are searching for ‘car service near me Maidstone’ get in touch with Marshams on 01622 200100.

Symptoms that your brakes require attention:

Your Car Doesn’t stop as quickly as usual

When braking your car, if you notice that it does not stop as quickly as it used to then it’s time to take it to the garage as soon as possible. By continuing to drive you are putting yourself and everyone else at risk. Furthermore, it can also cause legal issues for you if you were to be involved in an accident. There can be a long list of reasons why your car is not stopping at a sufficient rate and the professional technicians at Marshams will get your vehicle up and running again.

Squealing Brakes

I’m sure we’re all familiar with that sound of ear piercingly high pitched squealing brakes. If you’re hearing this come from your own vehicle when you are braking, you should not delay in taking the car to a skilled mechanic for repair. That deafening noise signifies that metal on metal contact is occurring as a result of the brake pads being worn beyond safe use.


Steering Wheel Jolts When Stopping

If your steering wheel is jolting when you are bringing your vehicle to a stop then it can imply that there is an issue with your brake discs. These are what your vehicle’s brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning. Brake discs and pads are equally important when it comes to braking your car. Over time the discs can misshapen and that jolting action can be a sign your braking system needing checking over and most likely repairing.

Smoke Coming From Your Wheels?

When this occurs it is unlikely you will be able to see as you will be behind the steering wheel. Hopefully, someone would draw it to your attention or you may notice once the car has come to a stop.  If this is something you experience it is very important to seek the assistance of a garage where they can take a look at the issue. It is highly likely that this problem is linked to your brakes. Car braking systems are designed to be able to withstand high temperatures however if you are seeing smoke it is a sign that they are getting too hot or there is some grit or dirt interfering with the braking mechanism. Faulty brakes are a clear danger to you, other passengers and anyone else on or near the road on which you are driving. It is of crucial importance that any brake issues are rectified as soon as possible. We promise to have your car back to you in great time and all at a reasonable cost.

Marshams of Maidstone

For all your car servicing, car repairs, brakes, clutches, air conditioning and so much more, including MOT tests in Maidstone you should telephone Maidstone’s best garage, Marshams, on 01622 200100.

What is Checked During a Car Service Maidstone?

We understand that keeping your car on the road is one of your biggest priorities. Without your car, you may not be able to get to work, go food shopping, pick children up from school. You rely on your car. Here at Marshams, we recommend having a car service Maidstone regularly to ensure the upkeep and longevity of your car. If you’d like to learn more about our car servicing, please call 01622 200100 and one of our team will be able to talk you through what we offer.

Our History

We have been performing car services on cars since 1999. Over the years, we have seen a huge array of cars and gained valuable experience and knowledge on a wide range of different vehicles. Whatever make or model you hold, we are able to service it for you. We only use the best, most up to date servicing equipment to thoroughly inspect your car’s different parts. From engine diagnostic testing to brake testing, we can do it. All of our service technicians are highly trained and experienced in car servicing, and have a wide amount of knowledge when it comes to car repairs. After a car service Maidstone with us, our service technicians will go through their findings and advise you on any repairs that your car may require.

Car Service Maidstone

What is checked in a Car Service?

We offer a variety of service plans, starting at a price as low as £79. This gives you the choice of what it is that you require checking on your car. Each of our car services checks different parts, but the main bulk of what we check is:

  • Tyres – We check their depth and for any damage
  • Exhaust – We check for any unusual amounts of poisonous gases or fumes emitted
  • Brakes – How they perform during emergency braking and their general condition (worn or warped)
  • Engine parts and liquid levels – Engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, screen wash all checked and filled up. Our more thorough service includes replacing these liquids
  • Electrical – We check the car battery, alternator, horn and spark plugs. Replacements can be installed.

Why have a Car Service Maidstone

A car service may seem like an expensive, unnecessary thing to go through, but there are many benefits to having your car serviced.

  • Safety:
    • A good car service can mean that your car is made a lot safer to be on the roads. This ensures the safety of you and your passengers, as well as oher car users or pedestrians. You can be sure that each part of your car that should work to guarantee your safety, is working to its best and as it should
  • Money Saving
    • It can be a large amount of money to part with in one go. However a car service Maidstone can mean that your car performs better and uses less fuel than before. A service can mean that you are not fronted with an unexpected vital repair later down the line which could have been prevented with a simple repair during a service
  • Maintain Value
    • If you’re hoping to sell your car in the future, having your car regularly serviced can show a potential buyer that it has been looked after well, and will give them many years of driving.

If you’re looking for a quality car service in Maidstone, come down to Marshams or call our garage today on 01622 200100 and one of our advisors will talk you through what would be best for your vehicle.